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Our Projects


Listed below are examples of ongoing funded studies being conducted by our team, both independently and in collaboration with other Investigators and research teams:

  • Center for Research on Environmental and Social Stressors in Housing across the Life Course (CRESSH)
    CRESSH, funded by NIH and EPA, aims to understand and reduce environmental health disparities (EHDs) by conducting three fully-integrated research projects applying novel methods in epidemiology, exposure science, and cumulative risk assessment, with strong community engagement across the Center. Dr. Adamkiewicz is leading Project 2 of this effort, the Home-based Observation and Monitoring Exposure (HOME) study. Through HOME, we are developing and applying innovative methods to provide improved estimates for between-household variability in environmental exposures. (Funding: NIH/NIMHD / 1P50MD010428-01; PIs: F. Laden/J. Levy)

  • Environmental Assessment of Sleep in Youth (EASY)
    This study is examining the contributions of home environmental exposures on the prevalence and severity of pediatric sleep-disordered breathing. (Funding: NIH/ NHLBI / 1R01HL137192-011R01ES030100; MPIs S. Redline and W. Phipatanakul at Boston Children’s Hospital)

  • Reproductive Effects of Chemicals and Air Pollution (RECAP) Study
    This study is examining the effects of environmental exposures on semen quality and the sperm epigenome. (Funding: NIEHS R01 ES028712-01; PI: J. Hart at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and HSPH)

  • AERO-BPD Study
    This study aims to provide new insights into the key environmental influences on bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). (Funding: 1R01ES030100; PI: J. Gaffin at Boston Children’s Hospital)

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